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Halt the Nazification of America
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Date:2007-11-25 10:05
Subject:Thought Police
Mood: angry

This is so fucking Orwellian I'm barely able to comprehend it. An even fiercer thought crime bill is on the floor WITH BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT!

S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

Make NO mistake. This is SO not about terrorism. This is about being able arrest, imprison, and torture anyone who is vocal in their disagreement with the powers that be. They are taking a big steaming dump on the constitution right in front of us.

Start writing and calling NOW.

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Date:2007-08-24 14:51
Subject:Radio Show Tonight @ 7
Mood: peaceful

Full Circle: Solutions For Peace
94.1fm in Northern and Central California at 7-8pm
Listen online @7pm http://www.kpfa.org
After the show, http://www.kpfa.org/impeach

Guests include
Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers
David Swanson of AfterDowningStreet.Org
Cynthia Papermaster of Code Pink and
John Kaminski of Maine Lawyers For Democracy

Topics include
The Wars in Vietnam and Iraq
And Peace

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Date:2006-12-15 15:30
Subject:Shrub appoints leader of abusive Christian group to advisory board
Mood: anxious

As most of you know, I am a former member of the highly abusive charismatic Christian outfit Every Nation. This organization is, in turn, a repackaging of Maranatha Campus Ministries, one of the more notorious "campus cults" of the 1980s. For more info about my experiences with this bunch, check out the Reader's Digest version.

So you can imagine how alarmed I was when I found out that Shrub has appointed a major leader in this outfit to a post in his administration. Namely, Brett Fuller, pastor of one of EN's most important churches, Metro MorningStar Church in Northern VA. He's been tapped for a post on the President's Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Many of you guys probably remember Maranatha from the 1980s.  It caught all kinds of hell for its highly authoritarian structure, in which campus leaders exercised very close supervision over members' lives.  For instance, members were not allowed to date.  The group was kicked off two campuses after allegations of abusive behavior came to light.  An ad hoc committee was called in by Maranatha's leadership to deflect allegations that it was nothing more than a Christianized version of the Moonies and Krishnas.  But the committee ended up raking Maranatha over the coals.  Its report stated that unless Maranatha made some major changes, "we would not recommend this organization to anyone."  This group was also a MAJOR player in the religious right.

The pressure from campus administrators, former members and the press didn't let up a bit, and Maranatha supposedly dissolved in 1990.  However, there is overwhelming evidence that a bunch of Maranatha's leaders simply engaged in a rondo of corporate realignments that culminated in the formation of Morning Star International in 1994.

Fuller is EN's highest-profile black minister.  He's been a major player in Maranatha and EN since the 1980s.  He's served as chaplain of the Washington Redskins for a few years.  His church, which grew out of Maranatha's outreaches in the DC area (he actually started the Maranatha chapter at Howard University), counts a few Redskins as prominent members--including Art Monk and Darrell Green.  Even without the links to a recognized cult, some of this guy's activities stink to high heaven.  For instance, he lives in a $790,000 house in the tony Northern VA suburb of Chantilly--even though his church has only 200 members and meets in a high school in Herndon.  At one time, his church also raised almost $3 million for a new building in Fairfax County--again, despite having only 200 members.

I can't imagine that this appointment wouldn't require Senate confirmation.  Just in case it does, here's the new lineup for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee  (from Wikipedia):

Ted Kennedy, MA (chairman)
Chris Dodd, CT (vice-chairman)
Tom Harkin, IA
Barbara Mikulski, MD
Jeff Bingaman, NM
Patty Murray, WA
Jack Reed, RI
Hillary Rodham Clinton, NY
Barack Obama, IL
Bernie Sanders, VT
Sherrod Brown, OH

Mike Enzi, WY (ranking Republican)
Judd Gregg, NH
Lamar Alexander, TN
Richard Burr, NC
Johnny Isakson, GA
John Ensign, NV
Orrin Hatch, UT
Jeff Sessions, AL
Pat Roberts, KS

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Date:2006-12-07 17:14
Subject:Constitution question

I cannot find any specific law about it, but since Bush and Cheney have insulated themselves by pushing though legislation effectivley pardoning themselves for violating international treaties and committing war crimes, can Mr.Bush be impeached for failing as Commander-In-Chief?

I am curious to see how he will take the Iraq Study over the long term.

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Date:2006-03-13 22:22

Hey everyone! I'm new here, and I noticed this community is kind of stagnant, but I thought you all might be interested in a few things I've found....

Impeach The Mother Fucker Already - I think this is something that is really going to take off!
http://syndicated.livejournal.com/itfma is the syndicated account of the site that you can add to your friends page.

Also, check out http://www.freewayblogger.com/ - a really cool site that has got people all over the country putting up signs expressing their opinion!

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Date:2006-01-07 18:56

Who becomes president if Bush is impeached?

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Date:2005-09-23 20:52
Subject:demsTV ... this week
Mood: hmmmm...


Comedic Game Show with Political Pundrentry.

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Date:2005-09-15 13:32
Subject:The most evil, racist city in America.
Mood: hurried

City of Gretna Louisiana
The most evil, racist city in America.

Gretna Police Chief Arthur S. Lawson, Jr.

He is directly responsible for the deaths of multiple people by refusing to offer aid to the victims of hurricane Katrina.

During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina people were told to evacuate New Orleans by crossing the bridge that lead from New Orleans to Gretna. The bridge spans the Mississippi river linking New Orleans to the west bank city of Gretna. If you were black or in the company of blacks you were blocked from evacuating New Orleans by the Gretna police.

Gretna Police Chief Arthur S. Lawson, Jr. ordered his officers to kill any black people that tried to cross the bridge that lead into Gretna. His officers shot at blacks or people in the company of blacks that tried to cross the bridge.


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Date:2005-09-11 15:41
Subject:Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'
Mood: wtf?

Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Correspondent
Published: 11 September 2005


America's most polluted industrial areas, known locally as "Cancer Alley". The 66 chemical plants, refineries and petroleum storage depots churn out 600m lb of toxic waste each year.

No one knows how much pollution has escaped through damaged plants and leaking pipes into the "toxic gumbo" now drowning the city. Mr Kaufman says no one is trying to find out.

Mr Kaufman, who has been with the EPA since it was founded 35 years ago, helped to set up its hazardous waste programme.



anyone know anything about this?

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Date:2005-09-07 17:02
Subject:Wanna See him gone?


Take the image from this site and plaster it on every telephone/light pole in your city. We did it last weekend, most of them were gone in a few days, but we are going to put up 1000 this weekend instead of 600.

Have them wake up the next day to see how many people don't want him around!

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Date:2005-09-06 19:00
Subject: New Orleans 'catastrophic hurricane disaster plan' PRIVATISED LAST YEAR
Mood: resentful

Disaster management in New Orleans was PRIVATIZED, the 'catastrophic hurricane disaster plan' having been handed over to Baton Rouge-based Innovative Emergency Management last year. Watching this nightmare unfold, I've been wondering why no fucking one is asking what exactly IEM got paid for.

The evidence that hurricane-management was privatized and handed over to IEM has been eradicated from the IEM website. It's almost as if someone was trying to evade responsibility for incompetence that's resulted in the deaths of thousands, or something.

... siphon off tax money, spout management shit, provide a demonstrably catastrophically inadequate plan, then fuck off like craven fucking caveworms and hide the evidence when the fucking corpses start piling up?


here's a new article about it from the Insurance Journal - June 9, 2004


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Date:2005-09-06 16:02
Subject:Can FEMA Do Anything right?
Mood: puzzled

by DavidNYC
Mon Sep 5th, 2005 at 13:04:55 PDT

Just take a look at this list of stories:

FEMA won't accept Amtrak's help in evacuations

FEMA turns away experienced firefighters

FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks

FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel

FEMA won't let Red Cross deliver food

FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans

We know FEMA's budget and operations have been gutted. We know FEMA's currently run by a washed-up hack attorney who couldn't even get a job at Jacoby & Myers. But this is beyond outrageous. I am sure there are plenty more stories like this; I collected these in just ten minutes on Google News and DKos. Looking at this list, it would be hard to blame you if you thought FEMA actively wanted rescue and relief operations to fail.
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Date:2005-09-06 13:41

A friend of mine who lives in St. Bernard Parish, a suburb of New Orleans, just told me that a friend of hers has been stuck on the roof of her trailer since Wednesday. With a baby, no less. And nobody has come to rescue her.

It's a safe bet she'd probably have been rescued sooner, but FEMA has, for reasons that defy explanation, turned back several aid efforts. Heck, she may have not been forced on the roof--except FEMA refused to allow a busload of volunteer firemen from the Houston area into town. There are dozens more people over there stuck on roofs--St. Bernard's parish president actually broke down and cried on TV Sunday because nobody is coming to rescue them.

She also told me that people are getting raped and beaten up in the shelters over there.

It's a miracle I can type right now, because I'm so outraged. The incompetence of this administration is no longer borderline criminal. It is criminal. And it didn't even have to happen in the first place--had the president fully funded the efforts to repair levees and control flooding, it's a safe bet this tragedy would have never happened.

The president owes Louisiana an apology. And if he doesn't, he should resign. Anyone who agrees, sign this petition.

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Date:2005-09-06 02:15
Subject:Americans Last
Mood: asleep

The international contingent were moved to a separate area to keep them safe from the poor and desperate, from drug addicts and mentally ill who also had no means of escape.


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Date:2005-09-06 02:02
Mood: tired


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Date:2005-09-06 01:54
Subject:Why Does FEMA keep turning down HELP???
Mood: bed soon

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard interviewed on Meet The Press


here's a transcript :

Chertoff blames the Media for his failings

I think that this is the interview that's the lead in to the interview of Aaron Broussard.


here's link to the Jefferson Parish website.


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Date:2005-06-17 01:31
Mood: angry


Washington, DC, Jun. 13 (UPI) -- Insider notes from United Press International for June 8

A former Bush team member during his first administration is now voicing serious doubts about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11. Former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds comments that the official story about the collapse of the WTC is "bogus" and that it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7.



Schools with kids from wealthier families (and a high percentage of collegebound students) are not viewed as good prospects by military recruiters. It's as if those schools had posted signs at the entrances saying, "Don't bother." The kids in those schools are not the kids who fight America's wars.

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Date:2005-03-15 08:34

I'm finding it odd that US news has reported nothing on all the children who were found to have been held at Abu Ghriab, yet international news is having very thorough reports. I seriously hope Bush will be brought up on war crimes like he deserves.

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Date:2005-02-25 13:45
Subject:To all you honkey rednecks out there

Message from my sibling Damoclese:

So. You think you're safe from this fascist regime's "USA PATRIOT Act"
because you're white and you support this fascist regime's atrocities and
other war crimes against humanity.

You think there's no way your mass murdering Fuhrer's fascist violation
of all of your Constitutional rights and the Bill of Rights will ever be
applied to you personally so long as you go along with the fascists and
applaud their murder of innocent children in Iraq, and you never say a
single word against the atrocities your Fuhrer is committing.

Well, honkey motherfucker, let me clue you in to a little bit of history
about what fascism means to innocent people -- and to the people who used
to support and defend the very fascism you support and defend in a little
place called Nazi Germany.

Do a google search on what your regime's "enabeling act" consisted of,
and get a good look at the body count your previous support and defense
of fascism resulted in. Then catch a glimpse of your current Fuhrer's
"USA PATRIOT Act" and you'll note that the two are virtually

Ah but you honkey motherfuckers who support this mass murdering monster
will never perform the minimal amount of research needed to understand
what it is you support and defend. You're all redneck racist hate
mongering Christian bigots who refuse to accept what history tells your
intellectual and moral superiors -- and besides, you all think that the
murdering, rape, and torture of American citizens and innocent foreigners
committed at the hands of your Fuhrer's brutal regime is happening "to
all the right people." Without a doubt every last one of you honkey
motherfuckers won't read either documents because you refuse to accept
the fact that not only _can_ it "happen here," it already has.

I thought my sibling did a damn fine job putting the Bush2 regime into perspective. Hote that Hitler and Stalin did the same thing Bush2 is now doing: turning on his supporters and defenders now that they are no longer needed. Did these silly bastards REALL believe that siding with the devil would innoculate them against the devil's terrorism and tyranny?!

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